Who is the owner of B-Love Kandy?

B-Love Kandy is proudly owned by Mr. Omar Khan (OK), a successful Pakistani businessman, and his esteemed partner Sheikh Marwan Bin Mahmood Al Makhtoum. With their vision and dedication, they are committed to nurturing the team to reach new heights in the world of cricket.

Who is the captain of B-Love Kandy?

At the helm of B-Love Kandy stands the exceptional leadership of Wanindu Harassanga, one of Sri Lanka’s most talented cricketers. With his remarkable skills, strategic mindset, and impressive track record, Wanindu Harassanga inspires the team to strive for excellence and achieve glorious victories.

What does "B-Love" represent in the B-Love Kandy name?

The inclusion of “B-Love” in the name B-Love Kandy symbolizes the association with the B-Love network. B-Love is a rapidly growing token that goes beyond the boundaries of cricket. It offers a range of real-life utilities and empowers individuals to enhance their lifestyles through various earning opportunities. B-Love Kandy proudly represents the values of growth, connectivity, and a vibrant community.

How can I purchase tickets for LPL T20 matches?

To secure your spot and immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere of LPL T20 matches, you can conveniently purchase tickets through the official website of LPL. By visiting http://lpl2022.com/, you gain access to a seamless ticketing system where you can select your preferred matches, seating categories, and complete the purchase with ease. Be prepared to witness thrilling cricket action up close!

Where can I find the match schedule for LPL T20?

For the most up-to-date match schedule of LPL T20, look no further than our website. We take pride in providing our dedicated fans with timely information, ensuring that you never miss a moment of the excitement. The match fixture, including precise timing, match days, and venues, is regularly updated on our website. Simply follow this link [insert link] to access the comprehensive match schedule and plan your thrilling cricket experiences accordingly.

Who are the players in the current squad of B-Love Kandy?

Our current squad of B-Love Kandy comprises a talented roster of 22 players. Leading the team is the formidable WANINDU HASARANGE, who brings his exceptional skills and leadership to the field. Alongside him, our team boasts a diverse array of gifted players, including skilled bowlers who can deliver thunderous pace and precision, crafty batters who can score runs with finesse, and a reliable wicket-keeper who ensures the team’s strength behind the stumps. Together, they form a dynamic and cohesive unit that promises thrilling cricket action and unforgettable moments throughout the season.