In the ICC World Cup 2023, between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, something pretty unusual happened that got everyone talking. Angelo Mathews found himself in a situation no batter had faced before – he was timed out. But the question on everyone’s mind is whether this decision was really fair.

Broken Helmet Strap 

The whole thing started when Mathews stepped onto the pitch to face the bowling of Shakib Al Hasan. Just as he was about to start, it became clear that the strap on his helmet was broken. Without any hesitation, he asked for a new helmet. 

Here’s the twist: Mathews hadn’t actually taken his batting position yet, and the clock was ticking.

The Two-Minute Rule

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has a rule that says when a new batter comes in, they need to be ready to face their first ball within two minutes. This rule is there to keep the game moving smoothly. But in Mathews’ case, the timing became a big issue.

The Timing Debate

At the time the previous batter got out, the clock showed 3:49 pm local time. Mathews requested a new helmet at 3:54 p.m. So, it seems like the umpires gave him just over a minute’s extra time before making a big call.

Mathews’ Protest

Mathews didn’t just accept the decision quietly. He had a strong argument with the umpires, pointing at his broken helmet strap and suggesting it had snapped as he reached the crease. He even had a chat with Bangladesh’s captain, Shakib, in a last-ditch effort to explain his side.

The Final Decision

Despite all the protests, the umpires stuck to their original decision, and Mathews had to leave the field. Understandably, he was not at all happy with this unusual way of getting out, and it put Sri Lanka in a tough spot at 135 for 5.

The Aftermath

This incident has sparked lots of talk and discussions among cricket fans. Some people think the decision was just following the rules, while others say there should’ve been some flexibility given the situation. The timing, the broken helmet strap, and the impact of this dismissal are all part of the conversation.

In the end, Mathews being timed out is a moment that will be remembered in cricket history for its uniqueness and the debates it sparked about fairness and rules in the game.