Welcome to an exclusive interview featuring Mr. Kamal Faridi, the visionary CEO of B-Love Kandy, as he shares valuable insights into the extraordinary journey of Mr. Omar Khan’s ownership of a cricket team. Delve into Mr. Omar’s remarkable tale, the ambitions, and vision behind B-Love Kandy and Sri Lanka, and gain a deeper understanding of the captivating world of Sri Lanka cricket.

Here are some of the questions Ada Derna asked Mr. Kamal

Q: What is B-Love Network?

B-Love Network is a community of people who hold crypto coins. They are one of the main sponsors of the Kandy team and are passionate about sports and cricket.

Q: Can you tell us about Mr. Omar’s decision to join the LPL?

It wasn’t a decision; it happened randomly. We were going for the Asia Cup, and all of a sudden, the opportunity to buy a team in LPL presented itself. We purchased the franchise of Kandy, committed to the next 10 years, and aim to sustain and elevate LPL to a significant level.

Q: How did you negotiate with the Sri Lankan people for the B-Love Kandy team?

Allow me to rephrase your question. There was no negotiation; we bought the most expensive team in the LPL. It’s all about investing in quality, not just money. If the talent is there, they deserve the investment, so it’s not about money for us.

Q: The talent from Sri Lanka will undoubtedly boost your team, but you also have talents from Pakistan. How do you think this combination will fare?

Absolutely, the energy and talent from Sri Lanka will be a boost, but we also have talents from Pakistan like Fakhar, Asif, Hasnain, and Aamer. It’s the perfect blend of talent, experience, and energy that will lead us to the championship.

Q: Who do you think will be the winner in LPL?

I don’t want to make predictions. I desire good competition. My goal is for people to view this as a proper league where each player gives their 100%, and we can proudly say it’s a true competition.

Q: What are your thoughts on Sri Lanka cricket?

Cricket runs in the blood of Sri Lankans, much like other South Asian nations. They are passionate about playing cricket in different seasons and leagues. Currently, there is a test series with Pakistan/SL, which helps us discover young talent in Sri Lanka.

Q: What is Mr. Omar Khan’s vision?

Mr. Omar Khan is determined to invest his energy and resources in nurturing talent and youth in Sri Lanka. He has a keen interest in education and healthcare, and there are many options he plans to bring to Sri Lanka through the B-Love network and innovation factory, aiming to contribute to the rebuilding of Sri Lanka.