The recent Q&A session with the LPL coaches provided an illuminating glimpse into the ongoing cricket tournament, offering a wealth of valuable insights. Here, we present a concise overview of the noteworthy takeaways from this engaging live session.

Question: Why did Kandy win all the matches in Kandy and lose in Colombo?

Sometimes, it comes down to the pitches. It takes time to understand the unique conditions each pitch offers. The local players play a pivotal role, and their performance can impact the engagement of international players. We may not have won all matches, but our efforts continue.

Importance of Pitch

Mushtaq Ahmed also talked about the importance of pitches and how they can change the game. He said the pitches hold immense importance in shaping the outcome of a match. Their characteristics can significantly alter the dynamics of the game. 

While the pitches present challenges, they are a common ground for all teams. Every team must adapt and perform effectively to secure victory.

Question: What do you think about Wanindu Hasaranga? 

He mentioned that Wanindu is 3 in 1, excelling in batting, fielding, and bowling. Wanindu is not only one of our talented players with a positive attitude, but he’s also street-smart. We frequently discuss strategies for improvement, and he’s an invaluable asset to the B-Love Kandy team.

Question: What is the update on Dushmantha Chameera?

Dushmantha Chameera did face challenges due to his injury, and this did impact his performance. Nevertheless, he displayed his commitment by participating in two matches back to back despite the setback.

Question: Are you the only foreign coach here?

No, I wouldn’t consider myself a foreigner. I even promised my team that I will deliver a speech in the local language, so you can call me ‘local’ too.  

We liked how he playfully rejected the foreigner label, also mentioning that he is learning the local language, endearing himself as a local at heart. It reflects his affection for Sri Lanka.

Question: What advice do you have for young spinners?

For young spinners, focusing on a repeatable action and technique is crucial. It’s your stronghold in high pressure situations. This consistency is essential for success.

Question: Will you win the match against Jaffna Kings?

To win, you must believe in yourself. As a coach, my belief in the team’s potential is essential. The captain’s vision of victory guides the team. If we play right, winning is within reach.