In the beginning, people thought B-Love Kandy wouldn’t go to the finals. They criticized badly. But they didn’t know what lions can do.

Now, we’re in the finals, and it’s all thanks to our mentors, coaches, captain, and players. Coach Mushtaq Ahmed said that to win, coaches and captains need to believe in themselves and have a vision. This is what everyone had, and it’s why we’re in the finals.

Our captain, Wanindu Hasaranga, is a big reason for our success. He’s a great spinner, which means he’s good at making the ball spin. He can also bat and field well. Coach Mushtaq Ahmed said he’s a complete package, and he’s shown that in his performances.

What Wanindu Hasaranga Achieved in LPL ’23

Best Player of the Season

Hasaranga was the best player throughout the tournament. This means he played well all the time. His team and the tournament organizers thought he was really important.

Player of the Match – Of Course More than One   

Many times, Hasaranga’s performances in matches were the best. He was chosen as the top player in those matches. This shows that he’s good at making important moments turn in his team’s favor.

The Most Wickets Taker

Hasaranga took the most wickets in the tournament. This means he was good at stopping the other team’s players from scoring points. His team depended on him a lot.

Highest Run-scorer of the Season

Hasaranga didn’t just bowl well, he also scored a lot of runs. He was the best at this in the whole season. This shows he’s not only good at one thing but two!

Fastest to the 50s

Hasaranga achieved something amazing in the LPL. He became the first player to score the fastest 50 runs in the history of the tournament. This is a big deal because no one had ever done it so quickly before. It’s now a part of LPL history that he accomplished this impressive feat.

A Funny and Strong Moment from Wanindu’s Injury

In Qualifier 2, Wanindu Hasaranga got hurt, but he still played the match. It was hard for him because he was injured. But guess what? He didn’t just play, he also did well! He didn’t win the special “Player of the Match” prize, but he still celebrated when he got wickets and points, even though he had a leg injury.